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3. June 2022
Georgina Burnett Dan Shick
General Wikibase

On the 21st of April 2022, Wikimedia Deutschland launched its new Wikibase platform, This new service makes it easier than ever to create, connect and grow a linked open database. Although is currently invite-only, we plan to open up broader access to the service in late 2022. is a cloud-based platform developed by Wikimedia Deutschland to host instances of Wikibase. Wikibase is an open-source software suite for creating collaborative knowledge bases. Originally developed for Wikidata, the Wikibase project remains under active development and maintenance by the team at Wikimedia Deutschland.


Setting up and maintaining a Wikibase instance can be time-consuming and costly and requires no small amount of technical expertise. In 2019, in response to those concerns, Adam Shorland set up as a gift to the Wikimedia movement. A scant two years later, at WikidataCon 2021, Wikimedia Deutschland announced our plan to develop and maintain as a worthy successor to

With, we want to make it easier than ever to create, connect and grow a linked open database. In so doing, we aim to liberate data from silos and increase access to knowledge around the world. 

Current status and future plans for

Engineering work on started in late 2021. Once the platform was up and running, our first priority was to migrate users to This migration process started in April 2022; we expect to be finished migrating all users by July 2022. 

We intend to expand the service beyond users in late 2022. If you’re interested in receiving an invitation later this year, we encourage you to fill out this application.


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