About Us

Software Development at Wikimedia Deutschland

We set knowledge free. At all levels of society, Wikimedia advocates for free access to knowledge and education. And together with our volunteers, we play our part in shaping the digital future – for a smarter and fairer world.

Who we are:

The team Software Development at Wikimedia Deutschland aims to facilitate free access to knowledge and software for everybody. This is why we produce, optimize and upgrade sustainable open source software, nurturing the technical environment to realize this mission. 

Open data and open source technology ensure the necessary knowledge exchange for Free Knowledge and creativity to thrive in the 21st century. In this blog, we describe our work and document the events that take place in our community. 

Our projects:

In 2012, Wikimedia Deutschland launched the project Wikidata. Since that time, we have continuously developed the open data platform, always in close cooperation with an international community of volunteers. Wikidata currently contains approx. 90 million data objects. 

With Wikibase, the software behind Wikidata, institutions can also develop their own databases to structure their data records. We collaborate with libraries, museums and administrative bodies to also enable them to access Wikidata.

The project Technical Wishes has the goal to support those who are actively involved in Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects – Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons, for example – with new and enhanced technical functionality. A central aspect of the project is the collaboration between the community and our Software Development team. 

Our Teams:

The teams Community-Communications, Product and Programme Management, UX Research and Design, and Engineering are all working on realizing these projects in a process of mutual exchange with the community. 

Would you like to become part of the team? Here is an overview of our job vacancies at Wikimedia Deutschland. 


Elisabeth Giesemann

PR Manager Software Development